In a few days, the autumn begins and we need to prepare our boat so that it can pass the winter months as safely as possible from the inclemencies of time. We will have to review three key points of the boat. The exterior, the interior and the engine. On the outside of the ship we need to be everything wilted and protected. We will begin by doing a good cleaning with soap and water to remove all the salt that is embedded after surfing all summer, thus avoiding corrosion in the metal parts, we will try to protect them later with restorative and rinse products. We will also have to clean the defenses with a suitable product and we will remove all the mattresses and possible moving parts that can deteriorate or damage during the time we do not use. We will try to tie correctly all those parts that remain in the boat like antennas, lights, seats, pulleys, ropes, sticks ... In the inner part we will remove all the material that can create humidity (the less material is better the air will circulate less fungus will appear), mattresses, glasses and diving fins, reeds, lifejackets, food and drinks, refrigerators, swimwear and everything that is not essential to be aboard during the winter, and we can put dehumidifiers so that the interior keep it dry. For the engine we will have to take special care, since it is the main essential element if we want to continue sailing year after year so we will try to make a good desalinate and a later spray with anti-corrosive and grease products. In the fuel tank we can put products in order to keep it with the proper octane. In the case of diesel we will avoid the so-called mucus or green alga that is very typical during this time of year.You can contact us for more information or to hire one of our winter services.